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Our Story

Éditions Touana was created following the blatant observation of the lack of diversity in children's literature. At Éditions Touana, our mission is to bring a more diverse literature that is representative of the society in which we live and evolve.

Founded by Binta Wagué in 2019, Éditions Touana is based in Toronto, Canada and draws inspiration from the founder's experience.

Binta Wague worked for many years with young children in summer camps and after school programs in France. During these many years, she was able to make a clear observation about the lack of books representing the children around her, creating the impossibility to read them diversified stories during crucial moments of the day such as before nap time or during quiet times.

It is important that each child can identify and feel represented from a very early age in the society in which he or she lives, grows and evolves. Positive representation is essential for the proper development of our young generations.

Through this first album, Petite Pom et sa couronne, Touana Editions wishes to reach a large number of children and adults on the subject of self-acceptance, diversity and the multiple beauties of our society.

Words from the founder and author: ''The essence of this book comes from my experience with children. More specifically, Afro-descendant children who often face at a very young age, between 4 and 6 years old, a questioning about their hair characteristics. This discomfort is often amplified by the lack of representation in the entertainment they watch (books, toys, cartoons, TV shows, music etc.) as well as possible words or remarks heard in school. Through these pages, I hope to give visibility to millions of Little Poms as well as to sensitize all the people who surround them daily.

Touana Editions adds its stone to the edifice by bringing diversified and accessible content to all the friends of Petite Pom.


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